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Tom Roush cared about people all over the world, and his reach was so broad that a single memorial service just isn’t enough. He will be remembered in Michigan this summer and at the PASS Summit in November, but information about the main services celebrating his life follow.


March 3
2 p.m.
Bethany Presbyterian Church
1818 Queen Anne Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98109 (map)


Two informal story circles will take place via teleconference:

March 4 at 8 a.m. PST

March 4 at 10 a.m. PST (7 p.m. in Germany)

Important: To attend an online story circle, please click here, then fill out and submit the form on that page. RSVP by February 28, and Petra Martin will send you an email message containing a link and more information about how to take part.

In lieu of flowers

Tom’s family is establishing a scholarship for people he cared a lot about:

  • Those striving to learn more about SQL.
  • Nurses who want to pursue continuing education in palliative care or in working with cancer patients. The nurses Tom and Cindy loved, the ones who were the most amazing, competent, and compassionate, all had extra training, and Tom’s family wants nurses who choose to work with cancer patients to have the opportunity to learn new ways to help.

A way for you to donate online has not yet been established. If you’d like to donate, please bookmark this page and return to it in a few days.


Tom didn’t write about it much, but he’s been battling cancer off and on for 14 years. Writing was a way he could escape all that, and the fact that you read and responded to what he wrote encouraged him to write more.

For the past year, Tom and I (his sister Petra) have been turning some of his blog posts into a book called “Stupid Things Papa Did When He Was Younger.” It helped keep his mind off an illness that sapped his strength, ravaged his body, and limited his mobility.

Through his stories, Tom could go anywhere. His incredible memory enabled him to relive experiences in great detail, and he loved the process of weaving those experiences together into stories that entertained, inspired, and educated people. He was good at it.

Tom’s health took a turn for the worse on January 25—four days after his 56th birthday. Many people prayed for him, lit candles, held him in their thoughts, sent love and light. My prayer was, “Please give me the time to finish his book.” That prayer was answered.

Tom’s book was published on Amazon in Kindle format yesterday morning. His wife Cindy and daughter Alyssa told him it had been published, and not long afterward, at 12:12, my beloved little brother breathed his last.

The gift he leaves behind is anything but sad! His book is filled with laugh-out-loud stories, most of them about adventures he had, mistakes he made, and lessons he learned as a teenager. I invite you to read and give feedback on it, which you can download for free until February 3, 2018.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the fulfillment, satisfaction, and pleasure that writing for you gave Tom. It meant the world to him.

May his parting gift bring you comfort.

In gratitude,

Petra Martin

Tom Roush

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