Most of my stuff I don’t write until it’s baked for awhile, until I’ve got some time and perspective on it.

This time it’s a little different.

This time it’s recent.

So the title: Humpty Dumpty in Winter…

We all know he had a great Fall, but that doesn’t say squat about what kind of Winter he had.

I feel a little like Humpty Dumpty in Winter right now.

So it seems that my body decided to reduce some of its parts into kit form a little while ago, ending up with me having a femur that came from the manufacturer in one piece and is currently in two.

For those of you not completely clear on the whole scientific/technical part of all this, this is not, actually – oh, what’s the word… “Desirable”

I’m not quite ready to write a whole lot more about it other than I need to thank my family – my wife, my kids up front.  Without their willingness to drop everything and help when I needed it, I’d be in some seriously deep doo doo right now.  I also need to thank my mom, my sisters, for their support and encouragement, and I also want to thank my friends at work, church, and elsewhere for their thoughts and prayers when I needed (correction: need) them, or being there and flipping me crap when I need that (you know who you are).

Sometimes that’s just the thing you need.  Knowing when to do which – I’ll leave that up to you.

All the people at the ‘Hotel Swedish’ who helped in so many ways, from docs, to nurses, physical therapists and the chaplain, thank you…

And before this gets into sounding like an academy awards speech, I’ll stop.  Thoughts, prayers, and the occasional flipping of crap are very much appreciated.

The weird thing is that I keep coming back to that line and lesson that came out of the Shi Shi Beach story –

“I’ve learned that whether you know it or not – people are watching you.  The way you deal with the struggles you’re facing may be the only inspiration people have.”

And I find myself almost hearing God’s saying, “Are you SURE you want to say that?”  I’m wondering what story/inspiration, if you will, will come out of this.  I’m a little close to the forest to see the trees right now, and am wondering, honestly, how much God has for me…

He says he’ll never give us more than we can handle, but just that line combined with my history makes me wonder what kind of Faith God has in me…  Clearly it’s more than I have in myself, but I’m learning.

I’ll try to update things somehow and let folks know how I’m doing.  Right now the pain is tolerable – though more than a touch distracting.

Take care…