Our yard was a veritable haven for dandelions… Several weeks of broken mower and no time to get it fixed left me with two things:

1. Grass that was dead brown

2. Dandelions that were a foot high.

Yesterday evening, after the sea of yellow flowers had shut themselves down for the night, I finally had time to mow, so I did. This morning I came out and noticed several things.

1. Where I’d missed.  Clearly.

The dandelions that were left all had little yellow warning signs saying, “Look where Tom didn’t mow! Nyah Nyah Nyah…”

2. Dandelions…

Things I don’t want in the yard, thrived if I ignored them.

3. The grass itself, something I do want in the yard, died if I ignored it.

My lawn was a perfect example of that.

• Leave it alone, and bad things will take root. Sometimes deeper than the good things.

• Leave it alone, and the good things may easily be overshadowed by the bad.

• Try to fix it when you can’t see clearly, and you truly won’t get it all. You won’t see it all to get.  The weeds will come back, and they’ll be very clear.

How do you fix that?

How do you keep the dandelions out of your life?

Well, in a lot of ways, you don’t.

No matter what, they’ll come.

Little poofy things floating over the fence so easily, with no hint as to how hard it will be to get rid of them if you let them stay.

Sometimes they come when you least expect it – they just float into your yard at night and take root, and unless you’re actively taking care of your yard, you won’t see them until those little yellow warning flags come out – and by then the roots are deep.


Keep the lawns of your life mowed.

Feed them.

Weed them.

Water them.

There are many things in life more exciting than weeding and watering – but if you don’t actively stop the dandelions when they’re small, they will take root, they will multiply to the point where they’ll advertise to the world what you’re not taking care of, and they will take far more time to get out, than it would have taken to keep them out…